A crossword game available on Figma Community

Multiplayer platform means fun times with your friends

Up to four players can join in on the fun, but the multiplayer platform of figma means, anyone can join and watch a game and join in the friendly banter. For even more fun, pair up into teams for an ultimate figmabble match!

Ready to play out of the box

Everything you need to play is ready. No need to shuffle the tiles or change the player avatars. But if the need arises for a more custom experience, you have full control over replacing your avatar and name. There is even a way to shuffle the letter tiles if you want to.

Keep score

An official Figmabble score card is included. Use it to keep track of all the points players rack up during play. We've made it easy, just click and enter your score. Although, you will have to do a bit of math to add up the scores.